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Maternity bras: Your questions answered!

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Let’s chat maternity bras, Mama 🥥🥥 Pregnancy and breastfeeding can be a whole new universe if you’ve never experienced it before, and we get it – it can often be an overwhelming time that fosters many questions!  When do I need to buy a maternity bra?  And what do I look for when buying them? […]

Benefits of using a Birthing Ball

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Birthing balls are an excellent tool with a multitude of benefits to help throughout your maternity journey and long beyond.  Here we outline some of the reasons why they’re such a popular resource and how they can help you. Comfort and posture – sitting on a birthing ball can provide comfort and relieve pressure on […]

This Smoothie Bowl is a WINNER!

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With just four basic household ingredients, this may just be the quickest, easiest and most DELICIOUS smoothie bowl you will ever make! It’s basically chocolate ice cream…the healthy and nutritious kind. Great to have for breakfast, lunch, a snack or that after dinner treat.  It’s filling and helps fight those constant urges to snack so […]

Three delicious Smoothie ideas – perfect for the on-the-Go Mama!


Smoothies are a great breakfast or snack option and are a great energy source to be enjoyed at home or taken on-the-Go!  We are loving these delicious and nutritious smoothie ideas from the fabulous Jess at Health and Wellbeing Discovery.  Quick, easy, healthy and filling – what more could a Mama ask for?!     […]

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression – Part 1: A personal journey

Go Mama With Children

Hi Im Natalie! Founder of maternity brand Go Mama and 1 in 4 Mamas who experience Perinatal Depression or Anxiety.   Part 1 – My story Prior to falling pregnant with my first child, I had never knowingly experienced mental health issues.  Other than the usual morning sickness symptoms in the first trimester, I had […]

Warm and tasty slow cooker recipes!

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Here at Go Mama we absolutely LOVE a good slow cooker recipe.  Not only can you pack loads of nutritious ingredients in to one of these meals, it also takes the stress out of the dinner time routine so you can just lift the lid and serve.  We are all about making life easier for […]

Quick & Nutritious Muffins

Quick &Amp; Nutritious Muffins

Not only do they look and taste amazing, these muffins provide a variety of nutrients to help keep you energised for longer.   Makes 12   Ingredients: 2 Cups rolled oats 2 Ripe bananas 2 Eggs ½ tsp vanilla extract ½ tsp baking soda 1 ½ tsp baking powder 1 Cup Greek yoghurt or coconut […]

Pregnancy and post-partum friendly exercise options

Company Founder Exercising With Resistance Band

Pregnancy and post-partum friendly exercise options March 13, 2022 Lydia from Just For Mums Fitness shares her workout routines using Go Mama’s fitness equipment. Find a variety of safe exercise options with the Balance/Birthing Ball, Resistance Bands and Fitness Block:

Bliss Balls – 3 different flavours to try!

Bliss Balls - 3 Different Flavours To Try!

Each recipe makes 20 Bliss Balls.  They will last around 5 days in the fridge. Easy to freeze & grab on the go when a sugar craving hits!   Sweet and Salty 1 cup pitted dates 1 cup peanut butter (no added salt, Jess recommends Pics) ½ cup sesame seeds ¾ cup desiccated coconut Couple of […]

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