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Go Mama Corporate Responsibility

At Go Mama we are proud not just of what we do, but how we do it.  Every decision is consciously sought with social and environmental factors as a high priority.  

Even as a small business we acknowledge our practices can have a big impact, so here are some ways we are striving to meet our Corporate Responsibilities. 

Sustainable Fabrics

We are mindful of our footprint and do our best where possible to source fabrics that are made from natural fibres or recycled products. 

Many of our products are made with cotton and our Feed Me tees are 95% bamboo, both of which are naturally sourced and biodegradable.


Whilst we do love being able to offer products with fabrics that come from a sustainable origin, we have also found that activewear can be highly functional when containing certain properties that are designed with moisture-wicking, durability and pliability properties.  Polyester is known to hold it’s shape and resist wrinkles making it an ideal option for active and dynamic functions meaning it is perfect for all stages of maternity and long beyond!

Several of our products are produced with recycled polyester; the plastic contained within the polyester fabric is recycled from Coca-cola bottles – how amazing is that?!

Compostable And Recyclable Packaging

All our products are dispatched to customers in compostable or recyclable courier bags, and on occasion we package our Go Mama Balance/Birthing Ball in cardboard boxes made from recycled materials.  



We use New Zealand-owned businesses such as R3Pack and brands that align with our sustainability ethics to ensure the packaging we receive and distribute can be repurposed or disposed of environmentally.

The courier bags we stock are also reusable, and we encourage our Mamas to simply flip them inside out if they need to return any items to us.



The clothing and belly bands inside the courier bags are sometimes provided in reusable zip-lock bags.  These bags can be repurposed for dirty or wet clothes, toys, snacks, travel packs, art and craft supplies, breast pads, toiletries, sensory bags and so much more!


You may also receive some items without plastic packaging within the courier bag.  This is due to our ongoing work alongside our suppliers to reduce plastic and where possible we request bulk packing so we dont receive every item individually wrapped in a plastic bag.  

Ethical Suppliers

We have completed extensive research and work with a small group of suppliers who all comply with industry standard ethical practices.  We have built respectful and trusting relationships with our suppliers to ensure we have mutually beneficial practices and ethical alignment.

All our suppliers are assessed, authenticated, certified and inspected by SGS Group, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification organisation. 


Sustainable Fabrics 2

We feel a strong purpose to help support organisations working in the maternity space.  

Our passion is maternal mental health, and the desire to help other Mamas is what Go Mama was founded on.



We run promotions throughout the year fundraising for organisations such as Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aotearoa, and donate products to New Zealand charities such as Bare Necessities and Nurturing Families (more information can be found on our Helpful Resources page).



We also donate products to maternity wards and birthing centres throughout New Zealand and run campaigns such as ‘Nominate a Mama’ to help those in need receive Go Mama products that will support them on their maternity journey. 

Sustainable Fabrics 3

We aim to reduce wastage as much as possible, and always enjoy a good challenge on how we can repurpose items before considering their disposal.

An example of this is receiving a shipment of faulty-printed stationery cards which was repurposed to sketch new designs.  We also repurposed the cards by placing them in our Balance/Birthing Ball boxes to ensure the ball was protected if a sharp object was used to open the box.



Every now and then we also receive clothing that does not meet our standards in quality or workmanship and we are unable to sell these products in good faith at full retail price.  Rather than dispose of these products, we enjoy finding different ways to repurpose them.  Most of the time we either donate them to a charity or run a campaign so they can still be enjoyed for their designed purpose.

Sustainable Fabrics 1

We do our best to reduce the amount of soft plastic we receive in the daily functions of the business, but over time we do build an excess that we cannot repurpose.  When this occurs, we make deposits at a local soft plastic recycling facility on the Hibiscus Coast.


The soft plastic that is collected from this centre co-ordinates with Future Post who blend the soft plastic materials with other plastics to manufacture plastic fence posts, vegetable gardens and parking bumpers here in New Zealand.  The centre also supplies SaveBOARD in Hamilton with soft plastic materials to manufacture sustainable building materials including insulation board.  How good!


Any cardboard from bulk orders is recycled through our local council recycling programme. 

We are constantly striving to improve our processes and are always open to suggestions on ways we reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle any materials that are part of Go Mama.  If you have any questions, ideas or concerns about our Corporate Responsibility policy, please email us at 

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