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If you have any questions that have not been answered below, please feel free to contact us as at anytime as we are always here and happy to help.   

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

All our parcels are processed and dispatched within 24 hours of receiving them.  The only exception to this is weekends as there are no courier pick ups on Saturdays or Sundays.


You can expect your parcel to arrive within 1-3 business days.  You will also receive an email from us with your tracking details – this often goes to the Junk/Spam folder so please check there.


If you have not received your parcel and your tracking information says it has been delivered, you will need to contact NZ Post.  We can support you by filing a claim if the parcel cannot be recovered.

Do you offer Click & Collect?

We can arrange for orders to be uplifted from Go Mama HQ.  If you would like to pick up an order, please contact us to arrange.  We will provide a code for free shipping or alternatively can refund the shipping if your order has already been placed.

Can I return something if it is not the right size?

We offer a 30 day policy for any clothing (excluding CLEARANCE items) and accessories you wish to return for a full refund, store credit or exchange for a product of equal value. 

We are unable to offer a return, credit or exchange on any fitness equipment unless it is faulty.


Our full policy can be found at this link: Returns Policy

Are your Carry Me Belly Bands suitable for post partum as well as pregnancy? 

Our Carry Me Belly Bands are endorsed for use during pregnancy only. 

The maternity waistbands and high waistbands on our Ultra range, Revolution range and Agility shorts offer amazing comfort and light compression around the mid section and are highly recommend for post-partum support.

These waistbands have been endorsed for post-partum use by a Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

Is your sizing the same for all activewear and swimwear?

We try to keep our sizing as accurate as possible, although some products are designed to fit a little differently to the next. We recommend reviewing the sizing guide as well as individual product descriptions for any sizing recommendations. If you have any sizing questions, please feel free to contact us as we are always here and happy to help.

What activewear do you recommend for pregnancy? 

Pregnancy is such a special time in your life and we want to help make your journey easier with our range of designs to support you from the very beginning.


We recommend products that will support your bump, offer light compression, fit well and help you feel good, look stylish and radiate confidence!


Our picks for pregnancy bottoms are our Ultra maternity bike shorts and leggings, and Agility shorts.  These products have an extra high waistband that is designed to sit over your bump and offer light compression, support and a whole lotta comfort!  The waistbands can be folded down as well so you may prefer to wear them like this in the first and second trimester and post-partum too. 

These maternity waistbands have been endorsed by a Women’s Health Physiotherapist for their supportive properties and to help ease some of the aches and pains such as Pelvic Girdle Pain that some women may experience during pregnancy. 


Our Creation range of tops are specifically designed to be worn during pregnancy.  The rouched sides of these tees and tanks allow the fabric to expand without compromising fit and shape in other areas.  No more upsizing to find tops that fit your bump but end up super baggy everywhere else!

The Creation tops are made from a lovely lightweight fabric so you keep cool during any activities and look just as great as an active top long after pregnancy too.


Our bras are all designed with elasticated bands under the bust and do not contain any wire.  This makes them suitable for pregnancy and allows you to remain active with support for any intensity of movement. 


If you plan on swimming during pregnancy, you may like to check out our maternity swimwear range.  Designed to grow with you, the flattering styles will help you feel confident and supported in any water activities. 


Our Carry Me Belly Bands are a best-seller and can complete your outfit for ultimate support.  The bands are designed to sit just below your bump and provide a gentle lift to help ease aches and pains experienced during pregnancy.  Suitable to be worn over or under your clothes at any time of the day and for any activity!


Our products are made with high quality fabrics and the majority are designed to be worn during the post-partum stage and beyond as well so you can continue to receive the benefits of our durable, functional and comfortable products long after your pregnancy journey.

When is the best time to start wearing pregnancy and breastfeeding clothing?

This comes down to personal preference but we will say this: maternity wear is a game changer! 

As you grow throughout pregnancy, your existing clothes may start to feel too tight or become uncomfortable to wear.  This is usually the best time to invest in clothing designed for maternity.  Many of our pieces are designed to be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond so you can start choosing pieces that will carry you through your post-partum journey during your pregnancy too.  


Our range of tops, bras and swimwear with breastfeeding access allow you to nurse your babies with ease and discretion.  The clips, flaps, zips and pull-aside features on our products mean that you have instant access without worrying about having to lift or pull layers.  Avoid getting cold in the cooler months and no need to misshape your non-maternity wear by stretching it in ways it was not designed for. 


Clothing designed specifically for use throughout your maternity journey can offer support and comfort without compromising style and practicality.   We have often received feedback from our lovely Mamas saying they wish they had tried maternity wear earlier in their pregnancy or with previous pregnancies – it definitely helps make life more comfortable, manageable and convenient and let’s face it, who doesnt love a little extra help with #mumlife! 

What sort of bra do you recommend for pregnancy?

All of our bras are designed and suitable for pregnancy.  They include features such as adjustable straps, extra wide back hook/latches and all-elasticated under bust bands to ensure optimum comfort,  support and room to grow.


We understand how difficult it can be to know (and keep up with!) your bust size as sizing often fluctuates throughout pregnancy and once your babies arrive.  We have a detailed sizing guide available so you can find your perfect fit.  We also offer a range of bras that can support you in any level of exercise intensity on your journey. 

What is the difference between your bras?

There a many different features on each of our bras that make them a little different from each other, but all share the same common denominators – nursing clips and COMFORT!  Here’s a little run down on the general differences between bras/crops:


Harmony – The Harmony bra is our low impact, everyday bra.  It is made in a luxuriously soft fabric with straps that can be worn straight or clipped together at the back.  Clipping the straps together adds extra support and is also handy if youre wearing racer-back designed tops.  

Suitable for: everyday, walking, yoga, pilates


Flow – These crops are designed for low-medium impact activities.  Their signature feature is the pocket on the back so you can always have your phone handy.  The nursing clips are slightly different to the other bras in that the clips are sewn on the crop fabric rather than at the end of the bra strap. 

Suitable for: everyday, walking, yoga, pilates, gym


eXcel – The eXcel bra is a medium impact bra with funky criss-cross back straps that is suitable for moderate activities, and can be used for high impact activities for A-C cups.  

Suitable for: everyday, walking, yoga, pilates, gym, group fitness, CrossFit, F45, running, sports


All Star – This is our high intensity bra that is suitable for high impact activities such as sports and running.  It features cross-over straps and the cups are moulded foam.  

Suitable for: everyday, walking, gym, group fitness, CrossFit, F45, running, sports, horse riding


All our bras and swimwear have removeable padded cups except for the All Star High Impact Nursing Sports Bra which has foam moulded cups. 

Should I choose zips or flaps on my breastfeeding tops?

This comes down to personal preference.  Some women find one design easier to use than the other, or prefer flaps on their t-shirts and a zip on their outer layer.


If you are starting out on your nursing journey you may find flap access a little easier to use as you get used to maneuvering your clothes, your baby, your breast and maybe a feeding pillow all at the same time!  It can be a juggle for sure but once you are more accustomed to breastfeeding then zips may be easier or more convenient for you.


Zips are a little more discreet than the flap access as they are sewn along a seam and can then be tucked away when you dont require them for breastfeeding.  

Some women may also have a preference on zip direction: horizontal or vertical.  We have received feedback from tandem-feeding Mamas that they find horizontal zips that open all the way across as their preferred style. 


Every women is different and every nursing journey is different so hopefully there are a few tips and tricks in here to help.  Our range of tops offer flaps, vertical and horizontal zips and pull-aside arm holes.  We have tried to cover all bases but if you prefer other designs then please feel free to contact us – we are always open to feedback and extending our range to meet the needs of as many Mamas as possible. 

What fabrics are used in your clothing?

We aim to use a range of sustainable fabrics such as bamboo, cotton and recycled polyester where we can.


The fabric composition for each product is detailed in their product description.

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