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Go Mama Balance/Birthing Ball PRO


The latest addition to our best selling ball range, our Go Mama Balance/Birthing Ball PRO offers the highest quality material.

These balls are an amazing addition to your maternity routine and are such a versatile piece of equipment that you will get so many uses from.

The Go Mama balance ball can be implemented with your safe exercise routine at any stage of your journey (see below), or as a birthing ball to support you during labour and in birthing positions.  It’s also a great option to bob gently on when settling your little babe once they’re Earthside!


These balls have many great uses in maternity, but are so versatile in many exercises and other activities too including switching out with your regular chair so you’re always working on your core stability.


Features include:


-Available in three different sizes: 55cm, 65cm and 75cm.  Refer below for size guide.

-Air pump included

-The ball is a little like a balloon when it is inflated for the first time – it takes a bit of pumping to get the full inflation.  It is fully inflated when the skin is smooth and there are no visible creases.

-Maximum weight limit 200kg


What size ball is most suitable for my height?

55cm: 140-165cm
65cm: 165-185cm
75cm: 185-195cm


The above heights can be used as a guide.

Weight should also be taken into consideration when selecting your ball size.  It is recommended to consult with a Health specialist if you are unsure which size you require.


Please select your size carefully.  In accordance with our Returns Policy we are unable to accept returns or exchanges on this product.


Inflating your ball for the first time

Your ball can be a little tighter to inflate the first time.  This is because it is brand new and has not been stretched or softened yet.  The ball material is a heavy-duty PVC that is designed to withstand weight and pressure.  When it is new, the material can be tight which can lead it to not looking like it can fully inflate or reach the stipulated size.  It can be a bit like blowing up a balloon for the first time in terms of stiffness, and can take a couple of uses to soften it a little.  Here are a couple of tips when inflating your ball for the first time:

  1. Inflate the ball at room temperature.  If it has been stored in a cool area, allow it to settle at room temperature before attempting to inflate it.  This will ensure the material is softer and more pliable.
  2. Inflate the ball to 80% then let it settle for 24 hours before continuing to fill it with air.
  3. If you can hear air leaking from the inflation hole before it has reached the required size, this means air is coming out faster than air is going in.  You will need to pump faster.
  4. The hand pump provided will inflate the ball but it does take quite a bit of work!  If you have an air bed pump or bike pump that has a similar sized nozzle, this can also be used for a faster and more efficient inflation.


Caring for your ball

  • Do not use on rough surfaces
  • For indoor use only
  • Keep away from sharp objects
  • Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources
  • If you are planning to use it for labour and delivery, we do recommend inflating it prior (refer ‘Inflating your ball for the first time’) to ensure it is good to go when the time comes!


Not sure how to use the balance ball during pregnancy and post partum?  Lydia from Just For Mums shares some safe options for you in this video:


Pregnancy and post-partum exercises using the Go Mama Balance Ball


“Birthing balls can be a great tool during labour. Many of my patients use them to support them in kneeling or squatting positions. They are also comfortable to sit and bounce on gently for pain management. They can also be used during pregnancy for seated stretches”
-Irene Leahy, Women’s Health Physiotherapist

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  1. Ball looks great, haven’t got to pump it up fully yet, as the pump is a bit meh but it does the job. I love the Go Mama service <3 thank you xoxoxo

  2. Awesome service and very quick turn around.. so happy with the product and has made a huge difference in office work being able to sit comfortably

  3. Great quality, easy to assemble and true to size. Would highly recommend.

  4. Great Ball so far! Easy to blow up and feels very stable

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